About the OneCard Team

North American Owned, Global Reach

Established in Vancouver by a team of Professionals.


Strong Far East Connections

Guangzhou Union Pay is a subsidiary of China Union Pay, which is the biggest financial card issuing company in the world with 5.0 billion cards. Practically every adult in China would have a UnionPay Card.

About OneCard Limited

One Card Limited is a private corporation registered in Canada and Hong Kong. It is a Technology Vendor in the Payment Solutions Industry. As such, it offers Clients access to Payment Gateways, Processing Back Offices, related technologies, and even business relationships for various transaction schemes. For example: for Closed Loop Prepaid Card Systems with Loyalty, Couponing, Gifting, Cross-border Payments, etc.  One Card Limited targets medium to large sized enterprises that would have their own Schemes seeking payment solutions.


One Card Limited has branded its product as the OneCard System. It promotes a universal card with the OneCard brand name. Scheme Owners wishing to use the OneCard System will therefore be able to co-brand with OneCard, and may enjoy universal acceptance.

  • Management Team Strength 90%
  • Funding Capabilities 90%
  • Market Demand 95%
  • Global Capabilities 90%

Our Management Team

Our Management is a team of experienced experts in the Payment, Card, and Transaction industry. We are committed to promote, maximize, and build up the operations of the organization and to ensure it is working at its optimal level.

Stanley Loh

Stanley Loh

Chairman & CEO

Stan has over 30 years’ experience in the Payment Industry, has built transaction switches, pioneered wireless transactions on POS systems when GSM was still unknown, part of a team that built a communications system for DFIs, founded a Loyalty company, and also an interactive network communications company. He is also currently the President of AirMoolah eCommerce that also works closely with UnionPay. One of Stan’s most recent achievement is to be the one responsible for organizing China Union Pay’s initial introductions to Canada. He is also well known and respected within the high level executive communities in Asia.

Ken McKenzie

Ken McKenzie


Ken is the President of Greystone Promotions and is an innovative product executive with the proven ability to create highly profitable programs and manage large projects in promotions, loyalty, rewards and branding. He has spent the last 35 years in the promotions and incentives industry and is an experienced executive with an in-depth knowledge of the marketing, incentives and promotion business and management.